Translations made easy

Translating your shopify store has never been this easy. After you have installed langify you can start translating your content into further languages without adding a single line of code.


An easy to use interface that helps you getting things done

langify comes with an easy to use interface that has been built with simplicity in mind and that helps you to find and translate your content in an intuitive way

  • Search for a specific text or phrase that you would like to translate
  • Translate your content using our Rich-Text-Editor
  • Keep track on the translation progress of each single item

Search Engines love how langify works

langify follows and implements the best practices of optimizing for international SEO

  • Dedicated language specific URLs for all your pages
  • Optimized hreflang and canonical tags are injected by langify automatically
  • Your translations will be picked up and indexed by all major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You own your translations

You can download or upload your translations at any time without any extra costs

  • Easily export your existing translations for backup purposes or export your untranslated content to have them translated by professional translators
  • Choose from the most commonly used translation formats (CSV and PO/MO)
  • Import translations from your CSV or MO file into langify

Visual Switcher Configurator

langify comes with a visual configurator that allows you to add language switchers that integrate seamlessly into your existing design.

  • Choose from various language switcher styles
  • Configure language switchers separately for each target device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Add your own custom CSS for each switcher
  • Import/Export your switcher configurations

Now is the time to translate your shopify store

A lot of your potential customers might leave your store if they are not redirected to a storefront matching their preferred language or are provided with an option to switch to their preferred language.

  • Prepare your business for foreign markets
  • Provide your content in your customer's preferred language
  • Get more sales

One plan that covers it all

  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Manual Translations
  • Full SEO support
  • Unlimited Import/Exports
  • 24h Premium Support
We trialed several language translations apps before deciding on Langify - and we're thrilled we made the decision we did. Easy to easy, simply to understand yet through documentation, and great customer support! Really couldn't ask for more. Highly recommend!
Wonderful support team. They helped me for several issues so fast even on weekends while they weren't officially at the office. Thanks for your patience and your great help
Via Rio Grande Tours
So far, Johannes and is team have done everything day, night, WE to support me on my difficulties. They are always here to help. It does exactly (if not more) then advertized, strongly recommend it! Thanks
One of the most important app to download for your ecommerce site. The team behind this app is just amazing and respond ALL THE TIME to any related requests. Worth every $ spent since beginning.
Simply the best multi-language platform application. Yes it requires some work and time to setup your shop. But once it's done, it's really easy to keep adding new products, blog posts, new pages with translation. Synchronization is instant. Customer service is top notch. Couldn't ask for anything better. Our two shops been using Langify for more than a year now.
Autofiber Canada
The best solution to get multi-language on your store + customer support is top-notch. Totally recommend everyone to use Langify. :D
Langify is easy to use and is a great app for websites that needs translation, the translation user interface is easy for anyone to manoeuvre. Most importantly, the support service of the app is magnificent, staffs are nice and help to me. Definitely recommend to anyone who need a translation for their Shopify website.
First of all the support is incredible. They are extremely fast and very helpful. I had a lot of questions setting things up but figured it all out with their help. Then, the app is pretty well made. I've worked with translation software in my previous job, like Crowdin or CAT tools. I think langify is pretty well made. It's easy to get an overview of what is translated, what's missing. The interface where you have your original language on the left and the translation on the right is very userfriendly. Custom translations are extremely easy. There's plenty of information in their help center. I'm very satisfied and can only recomment the app so far (it's been about 2-3 weeks that I'm using it a lot)
A Minimalist Home
I've literally tested 10 different language apps before deciding with langify. It might not be the cheapest application, but to be honest, if the extra $100 investment for making your store seamlessly available in multiple languages should not make a difference in your budget, especially if it's about the quality of your site. In my experience this app works better than others I've tested, it's more user friendly too, which was a big plus for me. I know my review is too good to be true, but in my experience langify was worth every penny.